Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

For our clients who have purchased our Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection service, there are a few things to bear in mind as one of the users of that service.

Remember - though this service offers a significant improvement to your e-mail protection, it is not, like any security service, a 100% guarantee that you will never get anything malicious via e-mail. Always exercise caution in e-mails that you receive.

Safe Links

All links that you now get in your e-mails will be scanned both as you receive them and again as you click them. If the link is detected as malicious, you will get the following screen:


Seeing this screen should be a good indication that the website you are about to visit is either infected, a phishing website or a fraudulent/insecure site. If you see this message on a link you know is legitimate, please contact our support desk.

Junk E-mail

Your advanced threat protection service will put phishing/fraudulent e-mails into your junk folder. Please ensure you exercise maximum caution when dealing with any e-mail that is in junk. If in doubt, please ring us - we're always able to offer an opinion on whether an e-mail is safe or not.