How to invite external users to a Teams meeting

Teams can be used to arrange video meetings with users outside of your organisation – even if they do not have a Microsoft 365 account or the Teams app installed. Follow the steps below to do this.

1. From the Teams app, select the Calendar tab on the left.


2. Click the New Meeting button in the top right of the screen.


3. Fill in the meeting details such as title, time, description.


4. To add external users to the meeting, type their full email address in the attendees box and press enter. The address will appear in a “bubble” if it has been successfully entered as an attendee. Repeat this for any other attendees.


5. Once happy with all your meeting details, click the Send button. This will send out an invite to all users with a link to join the meeting.


If you would like to send instructions to external users on how to join the Teams meeting, please see our guide here.