Creating a Basic Signature for Outlook

Goal: This article will assist you in creating a new basic signature and then apply it in Outlook.

Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2013 & Microsoft Outlook 2016

Step 1:

From within Outlook click on File in the top left and click on Options (1) from the left side menu.


Step 2:

From the left side click on the Mail tab (2). Then click on the Signatures button (3) from the options that appear.


Step 3:

On the new screen that appears click on New (4). A smaller box will appear, you can now enter a unique name for your signature (5). Once you have entered the name press OK (6).


Step 4:

You will now see your previously named signature appear in the list at the top left (7). With the signature selected/highlighted you can now type into the "Edit Signature" box (8). You can change the format of your signature (font style, size etc) using the options available just above the edit box. Once you are finished editing press the Save button (9) to ensure your new signature settings are saved.


Please Note:

You can add multiple signatures by going back to Step 3 and pressing "New" and starting again.