What are Data Loss Prevention Policies?

The Data Loss Prevention policies aim to prevent sensitive data being sent outside the control of the organization. This can help you with GDPR compliance. The policy monitors content in emails, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

The default policy monitors for the following pieces of information being shared externally:

  • EU Debit Card Number
  • EU Driver's License Number
  • EU Passport Number
  • Credit Card Number
  • US/UK Passport Number

If a user sends 1 instance of the protected information, they will see a tool tip within the Outlook window warning them that the email contains sensitive information.

If a user sends 2 or more instances of the protected information, an incident report will be generated and sent to the data protection officer for your company.

We can modify the policy to meet your company's data protection policies with the following options:

  • Block the information from being sent.


  • Send the information but automatically encrypt the email.
  • Protect additional information e.g financial information, medical records etc.