OneDrive and SharePoint Version History

All documents saved to your OneDrive or any SharePoint sites will maintain a version history. This allows you to view previous versions of a document and even restore back to a previous version.

The version history can be viewed using the following ways:

  • 1. Using the OneDrive or SharePoint web portals in a browser.
  • 2. In Windows Explorer by right clicking on the file
  • 3. In Microsoft Office applications whilst the file is open

Version History in a web browser

1. Access the OneDrive or SharePoint web portal at

2. Click on either SharePoint or OneDrive. For SharePoint, you will then need to choose the site you wish to visit.

3. Locate the file for which you wish to view the version history.

4. Hover over the file name with your mouse cursor and click on the three dots that appear. Select Version History from the options menu:


5. Hover you mouse cursor over the date, a dropdown menu will appear, on which you can select to View the previous version or Restore it:


6. By restoring an earlier version, you will overwrite the latest version.

Version History in Windows Explorer

1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to your files


2. You can right-click on any file and select Version History:


3. A window will appear showing you the versions of that particular file. You can click on the three dots next to the version to Restore or Download a copy of that version.


Version History in Microsoft Office applications

1. If you open any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, located in OneDrive or SharePoint, you can view the version history of that file directly from within the application.

2. When you open your file, you can click on the file name at the top of the screen and select Version History:


3. When you click on this, a side panel will appear showing the previous version of the file. Click Open Version to view the previous version.


4. When the previous version opens, you have the option to Restore the file or Compare it to the latest copy: