Using the OneDrive mobile app

The Microsoft OneDrive mobile app allows you to view and edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on your smartphone or tablet. The OneDrive app is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

When you first install the app, sign in using your Microsoft 365 email address and password.

From the main screen, you should see the contents of your OneDrive folder:


Sync your photos with OneDrive

OneDrive can automatically upload any photos you take using your phone's camera. You can enable this by completing the following steps.


1. Tap the 'Me' icon in the top left of the screen to access Settings.


2. Select Camera Upload and set this to On.



1. Tap the 'Me' icon in the bottom right of the screen and choose the Settings option.


2. Select Camera Upload and set this to On. You can also choose to upload your photos on Wifi Only or using mobile data. (It is recommended to use Wifi Only unless you are on an unlimited mobile data plan).