How to register a personal device to access company resources

To access company resources such as files and email on your personal laptop or PC at home, you will need to register the device with your organization. The steps below will take you through how to do this.

1. Open the Settings app by selecting the cog icon from the Start menu.


2. Select Accounts from the Settings menu and then select Access work or school and click Connect.



3. Enter your company email address in the box and click Next.


4. Enter your password and click Sign in. You may be prompted to enter your 2FA code or approve your sign in from the Microsoft Authenticator app at this point.


5. Wait for the device to register and apply any security policies.


6. Once completed, click Done. The account will now show under Access work or school menu. You can disconnect the account by selecting the account from here and click Disconnect. This will remove any security policies applied by your organization and remove your access to any company resources from this device.