How to sync SharePoint Libraries to your computer

Microsoft SharePoint is the cloud-based service, included with Microsoft 365, used to host all of your company’s files. SharePoint is broken down into Sites which usually correspond to the various business units in your company.

SharePoint can be accessed through a browser, but it is often easier to access your company’s files through Windows Explorer on your PC or laptop.

To do this you need to sync the document libraries with your computer:

1. In a web browser, go to

2. Log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials

3. Click on the ‘SharePoint’ icon


4. Click on the SharePoint site you wish to sync. If your site doesn’t appear, you can search for it:


5. Once you are on your chosen site, click on the ‘Documents’ option from the left-hand site:


6. Now click on the ‘Sync’ button:


7. You will be prompted to open ‘OneDrive’, click Open

8. When you next go into Windows Explorer, you will see the SharePoint library you have just synced:


9. You can now repeat this process for the other sites you wish to sync.

10. Any changes you make to files in these synced folders will automatically sync back to SharePoint on the cloud and for all other users with access to these folders.