How to use Multi-Factor Authentication and Self-Service Password Reset

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an added layer of security to protect your company’s data. Once setup, whenever you log into your Microsoft 365 email account outside your main office, you will be require to enter an additional code which is generated using a mobile app on your phone. This protects your account in the event that your password is obtained by malicious third-parties.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows you to reset your Microsoft 365 account password yourself by confirming your identity with the MFA method. This avoids a call to the service desk to reset your password.

To register for MFA and Self-Service Password Resets, follow the steps below.
1. Open a web browser and go to
2. Sign in with your company email address and the password.
3. You will be guided through the process of setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone – you will have the option of using SMS (text message) codes instead but this should only be used if your mobile phone does not support the Microsoft app.


Using MFA

You will usually be prompted for your MFA code when you sign into your Microsoft 365 account from a new device or location. After entering your password, you will see a prompt to either approve your sign in or to enter your verification code. This will be either generated by the Microsoft Authenticator app or sent via SMS message to your phone. Once you approve the sign in or enter the verification code, you will be signed in as normal.