How to enable email forwarding in Outlook

1. Open the File menu

Click File at the top left of your screen.


2. Open the Rules and Alerts window

Click the Manage Rules & Alerts button towards the bottom of the Account Information menu.


3. Create a new rule

Click the New Rule... button


4. Apply the rule to all messages

Select 'Apply rule on messages I receive' then click Next. Do not select any options on the next screen and click Next.


When asked if you wish to apply the rule to every message you receive, click Yes.


5. Set who to forward your mail to

Tick the box for 'redirect it to people or public group'. This will forward a copy of the message to another user while keeping a copy in your own Inbox.


Under Step 2 click the 'people or public group' link and select the user you wish to forward to from the address list. Click Next.


If you do not wish to add any exceptions to the rule (i.e. all mail will be forwarded) click Next.

6. Enable the forwarding rule

Give your rule a name and click Finish. The rule will now be enabled. Click OK.


7. Turning off forwarding

Click the Manage Rules & Alerts button from the File menu. From the list of rules, untick the box next to the forwarding rule and click OK.