Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection

For our clients who have purchased our Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection service, there are a few things to bear in mind as one of the users of that service.

Remember - though this service offers a significant improvement to your e-mail protection, it is not, like any security service, a 100% guarantee that you will never get anything malicious via e-mail. Always exercise caution in e-mails that you receive.

Safe Links

All links that you now get in your e-mails will be scanned both as you receive them and again as you click them. If the link is detected as malicious, you will get the following screen:


Seeing this screen should be a good indication that the website you are about to visit is either infected, a phishing website or a fraudulent/insecure site. If you see this message on a link you know is legitimate, please contact our support desk.

Safe Attachments

The ATP Safe Attachments feature checks to see if email attachments are malicious and then takes action to protect your organization such as blocking these attachments. ATP will wait until the attachments are fully scanned for malware before delivering the email. If your attachments are still being scanned, you will see a message similar to the screenshot below. Once the attachments are scanned and deemed to be safe, they will show as normal within the email.



ATP anti-phishing checks incoming messages for indicators that the message may be phishing. This also helps protect against spoofed or impersonation emails that may try to trick you into thinking the email came from within your organization. Emails that are detected as phishing or impersonation are quarantined and will not be delivered to your mailbox.

Quarantine Notification E-mail

Your advanced threat protection service will send you a notification email making you aware of any emails that have been quarantined and the reason why. These emails will always come from You can choose to review these emails and release them if you believe they have been quarantined incorrectly. Please ensure you exercise maximum caution when dealing with any e-mail that is in quarantine. If in doubt, please contact the GRS helpdesk - we're always able to offer an opinion on whether an e-mail is safe or not.