How to backup Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders to OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive can automatically relocate your Desktop, Document and Pictures folder to the cloud. By doing this, your files are protected online and are available across any device you use.

1. Locate the OneDrive icon near your clock at the bottom right of the screen:


2. Right click on the blue cloud icon, and select Settings:


3. Click on the Backup tab and select Manage Backup:


4. Ensure all three items are ticked and click Start Backup:


5. You will be given the option to Show sync progress, you can click the X at top right to close this Window.

6. Finally, click OK in the Microsoft OneDrive options window


7. You will now see that your OneDrive folder now contains your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders. Anything you save to these folders will now automatically be stored in your OneDrive.