Scanning Documents with the OneDrive Mobile App

You can use the OneDrive app on your mobile phone to scan documents which you can then access on your PC or share with colleagues or external contacts.

1. Launch the OneDrive app on your mobile phone and tap the camera icon. (Screenshots are from an Android device, iOS may look slightly different).


2. Ensure the Document type is selected at the bottom of the screen (or select a different format to suit the item you are scanning). Align the blue box with the edges of the document and press the button the scan.


3. You will now see a preview of your scan. If this is a single page document, tap Done. If you wish to add more pages, tap Add New.


4. Repeat the process with each additional page. Once the last page has been scanned, tap Done.


5. Select the folder you would like to save in then tap the tick at the top of the screen to save the scan.


6. You will now be able to access in the OneDrive folders on your PC where you can rename, move or share it.