App Integration with Microsoft Teams

Teams is set up as a core service of Microsoft 365, making it a hub for teamwork. All of Microsoft’s software apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, are baked into Teams so your business has all the information it needs at its fingertips.

One of the most powerful, and most compelling features of Teams is its extensive array of application integrations. There are a wide variety of apps spread out across many categories including project management, file sharing, business intelligence, and more. All these app integrations allow you to use teams as a primary point of contact for all your work.


You can add apps from the left side of Teams. Click the Apps icon then search for a favourite app or browse the app categories to find new ones.

Select the app you would like, and a description screen will open. Take a moment to browse this area as it explains the capabilities of the app.


You can add the app just by clicking the Add button, this step is the same from every location where you can add an app into Teams.

Note: Team owners can restrict who can add apps. Some apps can be installed only by a team owner, as they require additional permissions.

Adding apps to a tab in a channel or a chat

In tabs, you can add apps to share content and work collaboratively

Go to the channel, group chat, or one-on-one conversation of your choosing, and click Add a tab Add button +


From there, select the app you want. In some cases, you might go on to add a specific file to the tab.

App notifications to a channel

An app capability called a Connector inserts app notifications into a channel.

To set one up, go to the channel you want, select More options More options > Connectors, and choose an app.


You will be given the option to Configure notifications for any app already added for your team or to Add a new app.

Add apps from the messaging area

Some apps let you insert content from the app directly into Teams messages. To add one, select button beneath the box where you type a message and choose an app.


Bots provide answers, updates, and assistance when you chat with them one-on-one or in channels.